Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Sick Day and Yoga Take Home Book Lesson

Hello everyone!!

So today I stayed home from school.  I have been battling a horrible flu/cold symptoms for two days now! I drive an hour to get to work every day so the days have felt extra long and tiring.  This morning I realized that I would not be able to do it today because my symptoms are getting worse.  

Of course now that I am home I miss school!!! I was so excited to plan a lesson I found on  I found a book at level O where it shows you how to do different yoga poses.  I have been turning into a yoga junkie ever since my friend Nicole (a teacher friend) and I have been taking classes.  I cannot wait to do this lesson with my kids. After reading the nonfiction book, we will be able to actually practice the poses.  I plan on bringing in my yoga mat to build background knowledge.  

In order to download this take home book, you must subscribe to A-Z Reading.  It is $80 a year and totally worth it.  I revolve my guided reading groups around these books.  The lesson plans included tell you which phonics features to work on with each book.  They also provide worksheets, quizzes, discussion cards, and full lesson plans for each book.  You can also download the benchmark assessments to find out which level your students are at.  Check with your school to see if you can subscribe through them! If you are a reading intervention teacher, you will DEFINITELY want to purchase this!!

I am anxious to do something productive so I am reorganizing all of my college binders and watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix.  

I am interested what is going on in the elementary world today!! What are you all doing as I sit at home sick? :(

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